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We love to meet new businesses and new business owners. Please register and join us for the evening.

ConnectW is a women’s networking group that welcomes women in all fields and endeavors—from entrepreneurs and professionals to women simply wishing to explore, expand and enhance their lives and environments.

How to Stay Focused All Year Long

The beginning of the year brings fresh goals, new ideas, and exciting plans. We start the year off with a bang. But invariably we lose momentum. Those aspirations tend to fade away after the first few weeks. You’re not alone. This is normal. Staying focused on our goals is not easy. Life gets messy. We get busy, have major life or business changes, or get distracted. Is it possible to stay focused despite these hurdles? Absolutely.

Judy Dang is going to cover:
• Mindset shifts for keeping your goals fresh and exciting all year long
• A simple process to design better goals
• Daily habits for keeping on track with big blobby goals
• Easy tools and techniques to manage distractions

Founder of Avid At Work, Judy Dang is a productivity expert who helps entrepreneurs achieve big goals without going bananas. She breaks down large fuzzy projects into snackable easy bites so that clients actually get to the finish line. She’s been featured in Forbes and Wired magazines. Judy’s writing her first book, about perfectionism and Asian American women. It’s called “Perfectly Enough” and will be published in September.


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To our ConnectW Corporate & Large Business Sponsors: Patricia Nelson with Two Spruce Law, Stephanie Higgins with Cascade Sotheby’sDr. Carol Petherbridge with Freedom Regenerative Medicine, Terry Sprecher with Sprecher Group, and Karen Brannon with Farmers Insurance.

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