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Our board members are dedicated to the growth and success of our non-profit women’s business networking group. The board meets once a month. Each board member, with the help of a team, also dedicates approximately ten hours a month to meeting the goals and objectives of her chair. If you have any interest in joining the board or serving on one of the committees, please contact the Board Development Chair at boarddevelopment@connectw.org or any of our other board members.

Corporate Headshots

Rachel Craig, President

As President, I hold the space at our monthly meetings and represent ConnectW in the community. I support our board as we guide the group forward in a positive direction. Participating on the board is already deepening my connection to, and appreciation of our group, as well as strengthening my own business.
Julie Spinuzzi

Julie Spinuzzi, Vice President

As Vice President, my main job is to procure new Corporate and Small Business Sponsors, thus generating new opportunities for ConnectW. In addition it is my duty to step in to the President role at meetings if she is not able to attend.

Lisa Sloan, Treasurer

My job as Treasureris to help ConnectW continue as a great organization. Through analysis and recommendations regarding the annual budgets and monthly review reports. Numbers come so much easier to me than people especially when networking or selling are involved. Using my talent for just a few hours a month as part of the Board has helped bolster those areas that were once weak even as I’ve developed such special relationships.

Karen Rosetto Eng, Secretary

My position as Secretary involves taking minutes at the board meetings and being the liaison between the board and our venue. Being on the Board has given me an opportunity to deepen my relationships with other Board members while providing me with a broader understanding of all aspects of ConnectW. And the heightened visibility that comes with being a Board member has helped me increase my networking, build more friendships and grow my business.

Jane Hiatt, Board Development

The Board Development position is all about recruiting board members as well as team members to help the various board chairs, and then making sure they all have what they need to do a great job. As board development chair I am responsible for cultivating a climate where the organization leaders can work together to serve and grow as individuals and as a group. This is an opportunity for me to use my 5 years of previous experience on the board of this organization in service to grow our organization as well as a chance to get to know the emerging leaders.

Business Promotions, Susie Helfer

As the Business Promotions Chair, I oversee everything that helps members promote themselves and their businesses, including showcases and table sponsorships. I help you promote your business and yourself by reaching out and learning about you and giving you avenues to market your business through Connect W. Participating on the board gives me the chance to connect with members on a one-on-one, share my experiences, and learn from others' success and failures. The group helps me be a better ME!

Rebecca Yoder, Communications

As Communications Chair, I handle all ConnectW's internal communications. That includes the blog, the newsletter and our Facebook page and group.

Janice Silva, Marketing

The Marketing Chair promotes Connect W to the community at large in order to attract new members and become a creative, successful marketing partner.
Vivien OConnor

Vivien O'Connor, Membership

As the Membership Chair I am here for you. My goal is to support you in making professional and personal connections in this wonderful organization of women. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything! I would love to build a team to share ideas and work together to better serve the members. If you would like to be a part of this team, please contact me.
chelsea callicott

Chelsea Callicott, Programs

Chelsea Callicott, LLC
As Programs Chair I'm excited to bring in speakers and create opportunities for each of the ConnectW members to hone their communication, leadership, and marketing skills while having a darn good time as well! Please feel free to share with me your ideas and inspirations for programs you'd like to experience!

Leslie Blair Graham, Website

As Website Chair, I make sure the website's content reflects ConnectW's spirit and happenings. I'm also work with the web development people and LEARNING as I go! Serving on the Board allows me to have a say in how ConnectW is shaped and how it serves its members. If you need assistance, reach out.

Connector, Shera Felde

Fundiva, raising funds through recognition and other delights.

Business Photos

Administration, Kathy Crager

I am your go to for all things ConnectW.