Being an entrepreneur requires creativity, dedication and passion. An independent woman is a force in this world and I am honored to be a part of this group of brave and badass women.

The more we come together to support each other, the stronger we are on our own.

When we take the time to get to know each other and genuinely care about the woman behind the business, that’s what leads to quality referrals.

“Creating community through women in business” – that’s our motto. That’s what makes us different from other networking groups.

I know life can be busy, but I encourage you to reach out and get to know someone in the group better. Focus on the woman in front of you and I believe our organization and our community will thrive.

I hope to see all of you on the 17th!
Happy Spring!

Wow ladies, I am just continually inspired by our group. No matter what’s been going on in my week or day, coming together each month is a welcome affirmation regarding the direction of my business and life.

Recently I’ve been on the verge of deleting my Facebook profile, due to a seeming imbalance of positive and negative postings. Then Kristy Sinsara came and captivated me (and all of you it seemed) with a dynamic presentation on the power of social media, and I opted to hold off.
Social media is a major part of our business world and can work for us if we work it. Lead with positivity, authenticity and relevancy, and Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. can all be tools to strengthen our digital webs of connection. The deeper we connect, the bigger the impact ConnectW can have on our community. I love ConnectW and am excited to see how we can grow.  
Thank you for continually welcoming and supporting each other and our guests at our monthly meetings, after hours, munch and mingle, and through social media.
I still love you in person the most, but appreciate the broadening of my own horizons.
Get out there and engage!
ConnectW Board Agenda
March 7, 2017 11:30-1:00
OnPoint Boardroom NW Bond Street  Bend, OR
  1. Bring Meeting to Order  
  2. Approval of February Meeting Minutes (2 min)
  3. Discussion Items (50-80 min)
Lisa (5 min) – Treasurer’s Report
Board Chair description proposal
Vivien – table sponsorship cost/value
– sponsorship trades
  1. Updates (15 min)
Karen – Venue search update
Rachel – Board chair/team status
Chelsea (10 min) – March meeting specifics
  1. In the Works
    Program lineup:
April: Business Building by Referral – w/ an interactive component
May: Opportunity Knocks panel – mentoring, entreprenership
VI. Close meeting 
Next Meeting:  April 11, 2017

Our non-profit this month is looking for three items this month: Backpacks, lice kits and air mattresses.

Their ongoing wishlist is: grocery or gas gift cards, diapers and alarm clocks. If you are unable to bring these items to the meeting next week you can call 541-693-5675 to coordinate drop-off items.

If you want to know more about what they do before the meeting visit their website:

Our Mission: The Family Access Network improves lives by ensuring that children have access to basic need services. FAN is unique to Central Oregon, located in all public schools in Deschutes County and two elementary schools in Prineville. Working through one dedicated FAN advocate, a child or parent is connected to essential services such as food, shelter, heating, health care, clothing and more. read more…

FAN advocates link children and families to critical basic need services with the goal of keeping children healthy and in school. FAN provides a direct and convenient way within the school to connect children to vital resources. FAN advocates support our most needy families, removing barriers and paving the way for a child’s success. FAN advocates improve the lives of nearly 10,000 children and family members in our community each year.

Greetings ladies,
I enjoyed our January meeting so much. Judy and Jane talked about dreams and goals and aligning ourselves energetically for maximum success. It was a lively and inspiring evening.

We’ve had a heavy winter thus far, with storms and illness and darkness…and yet through all of this, I feel such powerful energy propelling me forward toward my dreams. I’ve never felt such clarity actually; this razor sharp focus. I’ve heard 2017 is the ‘year of radical change’. Do you feel it?

Along with my personal and professional goals, I have visions for ConnectW. I want to see our group continue to evolve as a reflection of our membership. Your input and feedback are crucial. What do you love about ConnectW? Are there improvements you would like to see happen? How can our programing support you as you build, improve or simplify your business? What questions do you have about your business or field?  Are there topics that interest you or local business persons you find inspiring and would like to hear from? Please let us know!

I also encourage you to consider taking a turn on the board. I am loving this deeper layer of involvement and am excited to see who steps up to join us and what new energy and ideas they will bring. Reach out if you’re interested. ConnectW is your organization and what you put in affects what you get back.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve and grow as your President. I’m looking forward to the months ahead.

In gratitude,

Happy New Year Ladies!

What a wild wintery start we’re having. In this dark time of year I am grateful for all the chances I can find to experience the light. I’ve been out cross country skiing and playing in the snow with my son, sipping tea and watching the flakes fall through the window, and taking pride in keeping my walkways perfectly plowed. Though everything seems to take a bit more effort these days, it is sure worth it.
Snow or shine, I hope to see you all at our dinner meeting on January 18th. The positivity of our connections and the inspiration from our speakers buoys me throughout the following month.

Keep warm!

Corporate HeadshotsWhat a dynamic and changeable autumn we have been having. This time of year has me tidying up loose ends and fluffing my nest in preparation for the darker days. This focus helps me to be more present. Less dreaming about adventures, more attention to practicalities and appreciation of quiet times.

As the season changes and I take stock of my life, I am grateful for all of you. I see ConnectW as a source of light and inspiration. Fun, powerful women who support and encourage each other in a non-competitive way. We share our stories, our challenges and successes, and develop solid business relationships and lasting friendships. How excellent.

Since joining the board, I’ve found that the deeper I dig into our group, the more value I find. The more energy I put in, the more comes back. When I make the time to get together one on one, I am rewarded by greater insight into that woman, and a stronger thread of connection. Such goodness! The more I know you, the more I care about you and the more I want to support you in your life and business. Likewise, the more I open myself, the more I feel supported in my life and business.

My ConnectW experience keeps getting better and better and I hope that’s true for all you.
Please join me on November 16th as Kathy Neal presents “Getting Unstuck: Using Feng Shui to Streamline your Life & Work”.

With love,

ConnectW Board Agenda
October 11, 2016        11-12:30
OnPoint Community Credit Union, 950 NW Bond Street Bend, OR 97703

Bring Meeting to Order
Approval of September Meeting Minutes (2 min)
Discussion Items (50-80 min)

Lisa (5 min) – Treasurer’s Report

Janice     – Fashion Quarterly Ad
– Thriving Women in Business magazine offer
Leslie     – raffle and happy hour

Speaking coaching workshop
BGCC menu options
Board meeting location/time
December Gala
Chelsea – 2017 Programs and Non-Profits

Updates (10 min)
Chelsea (10 min) – October meeting specifics
2 Speaking, 1 non-speaking showcase for October


In the Works
Program lineup:

October Rafting the Rapids of Women’s Health – Dr. Mary Huntsman
NP: St Charles Survivorship Program
November Feng Shui for Better Business Flow – Kathy Neal
December Connecting to Joy!! (party)
January 2017: Christine Perkins

VI.    Close meeting

Next Meeting:  November 8, 2016

In October we’re touching on women’s health. We know many are touched by cancer directly or indirectly. In our community St. Charles plays a big role in helping people be survivors. Here is a link to their non-profit.

If you would like to know how you can help or volunteer, please contact Wendy Rudy 541.706.2969 or

Survivorship Programs

From the moment you receive a cancer diagnosis, you are a survivor. Our programs are available to anyone facing cancer regardless of where they are treated. for the list of current offerings see monthly event calendar.

DEFEAT CANCER is a survivorship empowerment program focusing on nutrition, physical activity, education and inspiration.

WELLNESS THROUGH NUTRITION AFTER TREATMENT is a program that teaches participants how to choose foods that optimize your diet during and after treatment.

RESTORATIVE YOGA for survivors. No experience necessary.

LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTER is an American Cancer Society program dedicated to improve the self-image and appearance of cancer patients through self-help beauty sessions. Register: Mary Ann 541-549-6240.

SNOWSHOE TREK and HIKING for patients, survivors and their caregivers. All skill levels and experience welcome.

WOMEN FACING CANCER TOGETHER provides a safe setting for women to share their experience and gather strength.

REDMOND R&R (Recreation and Relationships) focuses on your health with exercise and support and is designed for adult survivors and caregivers.

COFFEE and CONNECTION is a small group facilitated by a social worker and meets twice monthly over coffee. Adult survivors, family members, caregivers and friends are welcome.

TRANSITIONING BACK TO HEALTH is a six-week program offered to survivors and caregivers that provides a weekly opportunity to exercise in our rehab gym with an exercise specialist.

SOARING SPIRITS CANCER SURVIVOR AND FAMILY CAMP is held annually at Suttle Lake on the second weekend in August and is free to survivors.

Corporate HeadshotsLadies, I am so proud to be a part of this group of powerhouse women! Our backgrounds and current situations vary, but I see us all rocking our lives and supporting each other along the way. A strong web of women is a beautiful thing.

My takeaway from our September meeting and from Roz Eaton’s talk was the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us. People who emulate the behaviors and ways of living we want for ourselves, or for our children, and who support our upward momentum with their presence and encouragement. Sometimes others can see the abilities within us before we see them in ourselves. Believe those people when they tell you, ‘You can do it!’

It was wonderful having so many guests at the last meeting as well. Thank you all for sharing ConnectW with your friends. Please follow up with them about their experience. Feedback is always welcome, as are new members 😉 Direct them to

A big shout out to our new member Candy Barnard-Davidson for jumping in with such enthusiasm. A ConnectW member as of August, she has already donated to our raffle and showcased at her first official meeting. Nice work!

Thank you for all for your continued support and commitment to ConnectW. Your showcases, raffle donations, invitations to friends, volunteer efforts and attendance at our dinner, lunch and after-hours meetings are vital aspects of the life and effectiveness of our organization.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

In gratitude,