As we launch our last few months of 2022 ConnectW events, I’m excited to announce the addition of some fabulous programming prior to the holiday season.

Kris Prochaska starts us off this month with Drawing the Truth from Within showcasing the need to get in touch with our subconscious minds.  What may seem a rational response to a given situation may well be a reaction by our subconscious to avert a disaster (real or imagined). Kris will teach us to be more alert to how our subconscious might subvert our rationalization and block our access to greater success. As female entrepreneurs, this will be valuable instruction and will serve us well as we grow and sustain our businesses.

We hope you will join us for this September 21st opportunity.

New pricing for our events

Along with our continued emphasis to bring you professional and personal development programming in a convenient location, accompanied by catering from our most outstanding local purveyors, we find it impossible to continue our offerings at such a low price point so starting this month we are raising the registration fee for our monthly meeting to $25 and $35 for members and non-members, respectively.

We recognize that a quality experience at ConnectW events is important to you. Balancing quality events and our fiduciary responsibility to the organization is no small feat in these inflationary times, and we are grateful for your patronage and loyalty.

ConnectW in the local news

We had an article featured in a recent issue of Cascade Business News that highlighted women-owned businesses. We were excited to appear in this respected publication and encourage our members and guests to avail themselves of this great resource for business news.

I’ll see you month or in October at one of our great events,

Ginger Weeden, President, ConnectW