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Bend, OR
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Your life is a print-out of your consciousness. I help you shift your consciousness in positive, practical and powerful ways using spirituality, compassion, hypnotherapy, and a lifetime of practical experience.

A Team Approach

In business since 1993, I’ve had the privilege of helping many people who felt lost, stuck, confused and defeated to find peace, clarity, love and joy. Using a warm and accepting approach that integrates mind, body, heart and soul, together we uncover the solutions to your challenges—solutions that already reside within you.

Our Process

We start by talking about what’s on your mind. The more we talk, the more you feel safe enough to drop into a deeper level of awareness. To help facilitate this even more, I use hypnotherapy.

Just so you’re clear, this is not the kind of stage hypnosis where you’ll quack like a duck or belt out an Aretha Franklin number. You’ll just enter a state of such delicious relaxation that by the time I tell you that it’s time to come back, you won’t want to.

While you’re deeply relaxed, we’ll create a story together. Having set the compass—our intention to get to the root of why something is happening to you—we enter your inner world. We start by having you mentally go down a set of steps. At the bottom of the steps, guided by my intuition, I lead you on a journey through your inner landscape. I ask you what you’re noticing and you share your sensory observations and experience.

Free Yourself

The key to your healing lies in these images that are obscure, rich and sometimes difficult to decipher. Once we identify and make sense of these very personal images, we can repair your story—a story that’s keeping you stuck and that you might not even be aware of.

Additional Services

Besides hypnotherapy, I offer past life regressions, soul readings and relationship coaching. Please visit my website or give me a call to learn more about these services. While you’re on my website, be sure to try out my free program: 21 Days of Joy, short downloadable visualizations that will help you raise your Joy-Q!

Why Wait?

I offer a free 15-minute consultation. If you’re ready to move forward, let’s talk.



2 Testimonials

  1. L.L. January 13, 2014 at 8:16 pm - Reply

    New to Bend, new to semi-retirement, new to caregiving – new to so much, as we all are, I wanted to seek counseling to have my life move forward in the direction I wanted it to, knowing that my thoughts, if guided, were strong enough to let me have every experience an enriching one.
    That being said, I began seeing Ms. Meyers with that goal. Being over 65 years old, I have definitely experienced all personality types. Jane’s treatment of people has made me return to her for many successful “visits” into my growth and happiness. She is bright, she is non-judgmental, she allows you to prioritize where you want to go in your growth and in your life. She is a great listener and “suggester”. On a professional level, she is fair, sensitive to your needs, and what makes me most comfortable is she treats her clients as equals. I never feel that she thinks anything I have to say is bad wrong or silly and I never feel that she is better than me. I look forward to my times with her and always feel better after our mutual guidance into my very busy mind. I would recommend Jane to anyone that wants to treat themselves to clarity and physical and mental health. Namaste!

  2. Becky January 23, 2014 at 9:09 pm - Reply

    “Jane has been my therapist for over a year now, and I absolutely love her! Her calm, caring spirit was the atmosphere my soul needed to feel safe and loved to be able to open up and break down the walls so that I could find healing from a past of sexual molestation. I am lucky and blessed to have crossed paths with such a warm and kind therapist. Jane is truly talented and gifted and is so generous in blessing others with these talents and gifts. My daughter also loves Jane and felt so comfortable with her, which is super important for a teenager. Jane gives the best hugs, too!” ~Becky

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