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Jane HiattMinister/ Hypnotherapist

Member since 1993 20+

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Your life is a print-out of your consciousness. I help you shift your consciousness in positive, practical and powerful ways using spirituality, compassion, hypnotherapy, and a lifetime of practical experience.
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Jane Guyn, PhD RN

Pleasure Plan, Inc.

607 NW Federal Street
Bend, OR 97703 | Map

Office: (612) 802-1878

[email protected]

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Meghann HartyFounder & Owner

Unbridled Courage (blue_red) logo with text on white BG_FINAL 2
Unbridled Courage

Grant Legacy Ranch
16443 Dea Dr
Bend, OR 97703 | Map

Office: 5416400996

Cell: (541) 640-0996

Cell: (541) 640-0996

[email protected]

I’m an equine guided coach for humans who are on a mission to make a positive difference in their world. I help humans get clarity about what’s really keeping them stuck, both personally and professionally. I do this work in a sacred partnership with horses. Tame your brain, unbridle your heart.