Jane Guyn, PhD RN Profile Image

Jane Guyn, PhD RN

Pleasure Plan, Inc.

607 NW Federal Street
Bend, OR 97703 | Map

Office: (612) 802-1878


[email protected]

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Jane Hiatt Profile Image

Jane HiattMinister/ Hypnotherapist

Member since 1993 20+

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Your life is a print-out of your consciousness. I help you shift your consciousness in positive, practical and powerful ways using spirituality, compassion, hypnotherapy, and a lifetime of practical experience.
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Stacy La DukeIndependent Educational Consultant

La Duke College Counseling

Century Professional Building
377 SW Century Drive
Suite 102
Bend, OR 97702 | Map


Cell: (310) 699-2108

Cell: (310) 699-2108


Cell: (310) 699-2108


[email protected]

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Tara Breitenbucher Profile Image

Tara BreitenbucherMA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Imagine A Path

Three Rivers Center
115 NW Greeley
Bend, OR 97701 | Map

Office: 541-905-0500

Cell: 541-905-0500

Cell: 541-905-0500


[email protected]

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Holistic psychotherapist and mindfulness coach helping couples and individuals become their authentic, connected, and inspired selves.
Michele Freeman MS NCC LPCI Profile Image

Michele Freeman MS NCC LPCIOwner, Counselor & Healer

Member since 2014 5+

Michele Freeman Counseling

1345 NW Wall Street #303
Bend, OR 97701 | Map

Office: (541) 408-4943

Cell: 541-408-4943

Cell: 541-408-4943


[email protected]

Live * Love * Thrive. I am a Counselor, Healer, and Teacher. My areas of expertise are trauma, sexual and domestic abuse. My work is holistic, encompassing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. My primary modalities are art, music, sandtray, qigong, yoga, guided imagery, EFT & EMDR.
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Meghann HartyFounder & Owner

Transformative Coaching Experiences, Guided by The Spirit of the Horse
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Ann Rivera

$25 off package of 4 coaching sessions
I have been helping women for 15 years who are in pursuit of finding an efficient path to their most joyful state of being. I'm a certified life coach and mindset coach for athletes and I'm committed to helping women find their voice, get aligned and build a mindfulness practice.