Diane Kulpinski

Wow! We’re coming off a busy and productive May.

Our first annual Women’s Expo was a success – giving us more public exposure and bringing in quite a few new members to our ranks. As our membership drive winds up with the June meeting, our numbers continue to grow – giving us all expanded opportunities to network.

Personally, I was a bit taken aback by the May meeting speaker Rachael Scdoris – a local blind Iditarod & international tandem bike racer. When asked what she feared, she responded, “What is fear?”

I think we all thought she would have a follow up, but she didn’t. That was her answer. Period.

So, what IS fear?

Well, at the core, fear is the absence of love. I’m talking about the love of the universe/God/your higher self – whatever you choose to call the ever-present energy that keeps gently pushing us to learn, grow, and fulfill our destinies.

We all can’t be like Rachael, but we can overcome at least some of our fears.

Our first attempts may not be graceful, yet with support from loved ones and trusting our higher selves, we step into our power becoming more than we thought possible.

ConnectW is one of those support systems for you. We want you to shine your light. We want you to actively be part of the change that’s making our world a more compassionate and livable place – starting with yourself and our community.

You have an opportunity do so at June’s meeting. We’ll be voting to revise our Bylaws and hold annual elections – with a little light-hearted fun thrown in. While we received no additional nominations to the slate, understand that your participation is critical to our success.

We are a working board – that means we put our time in to make ConnectW as strong as it can be. It’s not always easy and the individuals who have stepped up to guide us can always use your support.

Consider how you might be able to lend a hand to help continue our exciting trajectory.  By showing up as a team member you’ll get more out of the group. And don’t be surprised to watch yourself step more into your own power, dropping some of the doubts/fears you may have about yourself.

It sure is working for me.

See you at our next meeting!
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