janaya-wetzellJanaya Wetzell
Horizon Line Personal Training

I am a strength trainer at Horizon Line Personal Training. I believe in strength of the body, mind, and spirit. The high intensity, strength training offered at Horizon Line has changed my life. Firstly, as a client. In the first 6 months, I experienced major changes in myself; my body morphed from a size 12 to a size 6 and my approach to food and fueling myself changed dramatically. Of greater value to me is the way my emotional health has changed as a result of the training. I am more courageous and more confident than I’ve ever been. I am calm in high intensity situations. I am a stronger, happier, more effective version of myself. When the Trainer Development Program was offered to me in the Fall 2013 (after graduating in June with a degree in Health Promotion) I said yes with no hesitation; to teach what I love, to be paid to inspire others is a dream come true. I love every aspect of being a strength trainer! I love witnessing my clients’ peak experiences; I love celebrating breakthroughs and goals met; I love working around individuals’ injuries (physical and/or emotional); and I love when my clients’ share with me how their training at Horizon Line is transferring over into other areas of their life.
I am an adventure seeker; I love to play outside- on my feet, my mountain bike, my skis, or in my kayak. I love chasing new horizon lines. I love learning about food, cooking, and eating. I enjoy books, photography, and time with my partner in love and adventure, Dave. It is a good life in Bend, Oregon and I am living every day with gratitude.
At Horizon Line we help our clients achieve a happier, healthier, more effective version for themselves in just one 30 minute session a week. With an emphasis on safety and intelligent program design we are able to push people hard enough to cause an adaptation while minimizing the risk of injury.  The benefits of strength training are vast: fat loss, improved strength, increased lean muscle mass, muscular balance, increased bone density, a reduction in chronic pain, improved sleep and mood, a reduced risk for injury, improved sexual function, postural improvements, faster recovery time, and improved glucose control.
Contact me to schedule a complimentary intro session and experience what playing with your edge can do for you. Wether you’re interested in adopting a strength training program in your life, an experienced athlete, new to “working out”, or just curious what how we approach resistance training at Horizon Line, I would love to share the complimentary session with you!
Train hard. Eat smart. Play often.