2013-10-01 Intentional Paradigms

Hello, I’m Stephanie Trager. In my business, Intentional Paradigms, I help women who are frustrated in careers which no longer speak to their soul’s to find their new life calling and create lucrative lives of purpose and passion. As a Holistic Business Coach, I work on the level of Body, Soul & Business and enjoy enabling women to step outside of their bodies, minds and emotions to experience the realm of the mythic, the soul journey, where we find answers to our deepest longings and where healing and life transformation truly occur. I’m a Certified Holistic Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Licensed Attorney. I left the practice of law to be faithful to my true life calling, namely supporting women in finding their true purpose, their higher calling and alignment in their lives by tapping into their intuition and working on the mythic soul level. I cull together an eclectic mix of education, certifications, trainings, and experience, and my unique gifts to empower women to step into their unique brilliance and monetize their unique gifts. I believe we each possess talents that only we possess and working with women to hone their intuitive skills pays off big-time in business and it shows in the bottom line, income. If you’re considering change in your life or change in the life of your business, I invite you and anyone you refer to a complimentary 30 min. Discovery Session. For NEW Members I offer 50% off an Illumination, an ancient shamanic healing technique. You’ll LOVE this!

Grateful to be part of this beautiful network!

Stephanie Trager, JD.
Intentional Paradigms
Holistic Business Coach, CHHP,
Energy Medicine Practitioner