Becker_DarleneDarlene Becker is a passionate mother, educator, art therapist and artist. She is a founder of Base Camp Studio, a non-profit dedicated to cultivating creativity and building community. As a mother, Darlene recognizes the need not only for exposure to arts throughout childhood, but also the need for a space to come together and share the experience with others. As an educator Darlene has observed the increasing need to bring the arts to our children outside of the struggling public education system and she has witnessed how participation in an art group can improve not only a student’s emotional health but also a student’s academic success. As an art therapist Darlene understands the undeniable power of the creative process. As an artist Darlene has experienced the power of the creative process for her own self-expression as well as the connections that shared art experiences can bring both to the individual and to the community.