At ConnectW’s March 19th Non-Profit Showcase Extravaganza eight local non-profit organizations showcased what they do and explained how members and guest could contribute to the cause. At the end of the meeting, members voted to determine which organization would be the recipient of funds raised during its 2014 Winter Wonderland Gala.

This is a big deal because every year ConnectW’s super fun holiday gala raises serious cash that can really make a difference. Last year’s winner, Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS), recently received a check from ConnectW for $10,303. “This money changes people’s lives,” said OAS Executive Director Suzanne Lafky upon receipt of the funds.

“At ConnectW, we’re all about creating community through women in business,” says president Diane Kulpinski. “But that isn’t just reserved for our membership. We reach out and support our local community as well. Our annual Non-Profit Showcase Extravaganza is a great example of this. All the participating non-profit organizations have a chance to talk about who they serve and why. Even if they aren’t selected as the gala recipients, the evening provides them with terrific exposure and a potential new crop of volunteers.”

We are excited to announce Beulah’s Place as our 2014 Holiday Gala Beneficiary. Beulah’s Place is a non-profit organization that provides temporary drop-in shelter service to homeless teens, boys and girls, throughout Central Oregon. Their program offers help, healing and hope to teens on the streets due to abuse, domestic issues at home, trafficking, and other criminal influences that have exploited their youth. Essential services such as food, shelter, clothing, medical, educational and counseling assistance, job acquisition, and mentoring are provided on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in learning more about Beulah’s Place, take a look at their website or give Andi Buerger a call at 541-526-0445. Andi recently joined ConnectW and would love to hear from you!

Congratulations to Andi Buerger and the teens who helped with her presentation. We look forward to working with you. Together we can make the 2014 Holiday Gala the best one yet.