MaryBicknell-byEricaJMitchell_001_LargeWebWell, my candid confession goes like this.

Hi, my name is Mary Bicknell, and I am learning to embrace crazy wild success.

Have you ever had a vision for your life? A big one? An exciting one? and then you get it and you are like, wholly shit….it’s here….I love it….NOW DO NOT F”IT UP!!!!!

My confession is, when great things happen to me, there was a time I would not be able to own it, celebrate it, embrace it, claim it, protect it….and so on.

Instead I would almost, well not almost, but I used to SABOTAGE IT!

Have you ever done that?

Maybe your sabotage looks different than mine, so let me give a bunch of examples…..

  • stop working
  • get sick
  • wait for the “other” shoe to drop
  • burn out
  • overdo it
  • freak out
  • go shopping
  • eat sugar
  • cry
  • yell
  • get stuck
  • stay stuck
  • cry some more
  • get monkey mind,,,it can’t last, it won’t last, how did this happen, can I do it again….

And because I have become aware that sabotaging myself happens with certain KEY TRIGGERS, I am better able to be mindful of my thoughts, actions and behaviors. The four key triggers are: physical, situational, emotional, relational

So for me, I get off track when my schedule is not regimented. When I am out of routine.

For example, the whole month of October John and I were only together at home 4 days. Very unusual and won’t happen again, but man, I had to adjust  BIG TIME! (yes, I ended up eating sugar and got out of my 4x week work out)

The key thing here is to become HYPER AWARE of your triggers so you don’t accidentally sabotage yourself.

You see, sometimes, until you become HYPER AWARE, you can be 2 weeks (or more) into this place and beat yourself up, or say negative things to yourself…..

Maybe like: 

  • why am I stuck?
  • why did I eat that?
  • what was I thinking?
  • who is going to want this?
  • you get my drift here, right?!

So back to my confession, CRAZY WILD SUCCESS is fabulous. And it is a space I must be HYPER AWARE of my triggers, until it becomes more of a habit. That way I don’t WASTE time being in sabotage mode.

I must be diligent with my calendar for self-care, family time, daughter time, client time, food prep time, working out time, sleeping and so on.

It is all about knowing my triggers and BUILDING INTO PLACE A SYSTEM to support me.

Because I don’t and YOU DON’T sabotage ourselves on purpose. It is because a NEW HABIT needs to be put into place, that is ALL.

Doesn’t that FEEL SO MUCH BETTER???????

To recognize, you just need to create a new habit?

Hell yeah, for me it does!

I can be loving to myself then. I can be supportive to myself then. I can make adjustments in a positive way.

No more feeling like—why is this happening—why can’t I figure it out—-.

That is growth.

And isn’t that what life is all about?

Yes, I always want to be ON THE EDGE OF MY OWN EVOLUTION and in being there, I must be aware of my triggers so I can lovingly adjust.

Can you do that, too?

YES, you can.


  1. when do you become triggered? (refer to the 4 KEY TRIGGERS above)
  2. what do you typically do to sabotage yourself?
  3. how can you build into place HYPER AWARENESS?
  4. what ways can you be loving and supportive to yourself realizing, all it is is learning a NEW HABIT?

It takes being B.O.L.D. to allow yourself to examine why you do the things you do, why you think the things you think and why you say the things you say. Once you understand your triggers, you will be free!

I believe in YOU!




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Mary Bicknell is a speaker, mentor and success coach for women who are disillusioned with the idea of working all the time and settling for the leftovers in life. She believes we can design a lifestyle and build our biz around it. It only takes being BOLD to do it. She is the creator of the popular BIG, BOLD LIFE & BIZ PLAN and works with women all over the globe supporting them in making a big DIFFERENCE & making big PROFITS.

Working 3 days a week while earning well over six-figures she does this so she can hang out with her two favorite people; River, her 8 year old snaggly toothed daughter and her dreamboat hubby, John.  Mary considers herself a tomboy diva because she loves her heels AND her hiking boots. Whether it is marching for women’s rights in Washington D.C. or teaching on a Google Hangout, Mary takes a stand for women living their most extraordinary life–guilt free.

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