Diane Kulpinski

Last month I was talking about changes, how we’re all going though them in this crazy, wonderful time we live in. It’s often difficult, yet pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is a way to discover how brave and capable we really are.

I think that most of us (including me) are a bit frightened of our true power, our true selves. We unconsciously hold ourselves back from our own greatness. We reach a certain level of success and say, “That’s good enough, I can be happy here.” And so we stay in that place for as long as we can.

Two things happen then. Either life shakes you up, or you have this underlying sense of, “There’s got to be more.”

Our guest speaker this month, Mary Bicknell has been there. Wildly successful in life and in business, she knew there was more for her to give, to share, to teach, to say to the world. So she quit the job she felt she was hiding behind and started showing up as Mary. Bold, crazy, unapologetically Mary.

Join us to get the rest of her story and how she’ll help us move from ordinary to extraordinary.


Diane Kulpinski