Diane Kulpinski

Last month we elected our new board & here’s the line up:

President: Diane Kulpinski (serving the second year of a 2-yr term)

VP: Lisa Ann McCall: (1-yr term)

Treasurer: Jeanie Dumont  (serving the second year of a 2-yr term)

Secretary: Cyndee Overland (1-yr)

Board Development: Kristie Lemon (2-yr)

Business Promotion (formerly Advertising): Sandy Jones (1-yr)

Communications: Kecia Kubota (1-yr)

*Events: Amanda Albrich (serving the second year of a 2-yr term)

Marketing/PR: Leah Ross (2-yr)

Membership: Karen Brannon (2-yr)

Programs: Kris Prochaska (2-yr)

Website: Linden Gross (1-yr)

*The new Events Chair has been broken out of the Marketing/PR Chair. Amanda has agreed to serve another year in this capacity, as our major events (Winter Gala and Spring Women’s Expo – which fell under Marketing/PR, Amanda’s old chair) have taken on a life of their own. We see this position turning into a co-chair.

We do have one more piece of business to attend to in July – that is the revision of our Bylaws – mostly due to our name change. You’ll be receiving an email with the changes noted and why the change is needed. Please take a look at it, as you are an integral part of our organization and we value your opinion.

But ENOUGH of all this business! Summer in Central Oregon is time to get out, let loose and relax a bit.

With that in mind, this month’s program brings us a lighthearted & interactive look at our lives through the improv of Triage, Central Oregon’s premier improv troupe. If you’re ready to laugh, enjoy some meaningful networking and have a great meal – don’t miss this meeting.

See you at our next meeting!
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