ConnectW Board Agenda

June 6, 2016       12p-1:30

Waterstone Mortgage  803 SW Industrial Way #201  Bend, OR


Bring Meeting to Order

Approval of March Meeting Minutes (2 min)

Discussion Items (50-80 min)


Jeanine (3 min) – Treasurer’s Report (maybe)

Rebecca (5 min) – Communications Chair status

Kristie (7 min) – passing Board ribbons, election stand-ins



Chelsea (20 min)  –    June meeting specifics

  • Non-Profit guidelines/review
  • 2017 programs


In the Works
Program lineup:

June Mind over Matter, The Life-Changing Power of Hypnosis Emmy Eisenberg

NP: Morningstar Relief Nursery

July Creative Magic Everyday (working title) (Julia Junkin and Trish Heatherman)

NP: Volunteer Connect?

Sept Roz Eaton

NP: SMART  start making a reader

October Connecting with Health – Lizzie Katz & other professional

NP: St Charles Survivorship Program

November Feng Shui for Better Business Flow Kathy Neal


December Connecting to Joy!! (party) NP??


DYK Ideas:

Enhanced listing

No web photos cost you biz

CW not Industry exclusive – it’s your go-to


  1.    Close meeting


Next Meeting:  July, 2016