This weekend I had the honor of attending my dear friends’ beautiful backyard wedding. It was truly lovely. The decorations, heartfelt vows, sense of sacredness… One thing that stood out was the level of connection amongst all the guests.  Both sides of the family, local and out of town friends, even some curious neighbors – all were smiling and dancing, mixing and mingling and having so much fun. Such a supportive, loving energy.
I love ConnectW because of a similar feeling of inclusiveness. We are diverse in our ages, backgrounds and careers and each month as we come together to grow ourselves and our businesses, I see personal connections deepening.

I am very grateful for our group and for the opportunity to step up as President. It is an exciting stretch for me. Will I do a good job? How will my qualities and energy affect this group? How will I transform through this experience?
However it unfolds, I am confident in your love and support. Thank you all. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.


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