June brings a changing-of-the-guard as we elect a new board and all I can envision is a peloton.
You know – one oKulpinskif those vibrating clusters of tightly packed cyclists acting as an integrated unit seen at the Cascade Cycling Classic.

The basic premise is the front of the pack (the board) carries a higher load (responsibility) in pulling the group towards the goal. When the leaders have reached their limit, they peel off & fall towards the back of the group. There they can rest a bit in the vacuum of the draft created by the others ahead of them. Yes, they still have to pedal (participate) to stay with the group, but their workload is lighter.

Meanwhile, the new leaders, having moved from the middle to the front of the pack, have fresh legs (ideas, enthusiasm, goals) to pull (direct) the group farther down the road.

As one of those slipping off the front edge, I’m grateful to the women taking the lead & I’m excited see how they’ll make their mark on us.

ConnectW is a dynamic organization with a solid history of empowering women in reaching their goals and beyond. I must say it continues to be one of the finest groups with which I’ve ever been involved.

I feel proud to have served – as president and in other positions over the years. The rewards have expanded my leadership skills and brought life-long friendships.

We all are part of this peloton called ConnectW. By sharing our individual talents and energy we go faster and farther as a group than the soloist does.

My final words from the soapbox – do yourself and the group a favor and step up when you’re called upon. Someone has seen your potential and is offering you a chance to shine. Through leadership service you might discover how valuable you really are.