April 2024 Cocktail Connections

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April 2024 Cocktail Connections

Venue: 10 Barrel East, 62950 NE 18th St, Bend.

Time: 5:00p – 6:30p

Guests are welcome through member-invitation only.

Empowering women in business through connection.

ConnectW, a business women’s non-profit organization, is collaborating with SCORE of Central Oregon to create a dynamic platform for women professionals at a special event on April 25, 2024. 

April 2024 Cocktail Connections Registration

Through this Cocktail Connections event, the organizations will facilitate networking opportunities, enabling women to share experiences, discuss challenges, and build lasting relationships in a supportive environment. 

ConnectW focuses on empowering women by offering marketing opportunities, networking events, and a supportive community for personal and professional growth. Together, ConnectW and SCORE aim to bridge the gap between like-minded women in the business community, fostering collaboration and empowerment for women entrepreneurs in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon SCORE offers free mentorship from experienced business executives and owners, providing invaluable guidance at all stages of business development. Additionally, SCORE conducts webinars and workshops covering diverse business topics to enhance entrepreneurial skills. 

Join us in celebrating and supporting women in business at this upcoming event at 10 Barrel East, 62950 NE 18th St, Bend

Registration is free and encouraged so that we can provide adequate snacks for the attendees.

Cash bar will be available from 10 Barrel.

Please contact info@connectw.org for further assistance.

Please reach out to one of our Board Members if you’d like to host Cocktail Connections!

A special ‘Thank You” to our ConnectW Corporate Sponsors:

…and to our ConnectW Large Business Sponsors: Terry Sprecher with Sprecher Group.

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