You may or may have not read my little presidential note. It closed with how we’re here to help you expand in every way but your waistline and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Whether you’ve noticed or not, rebranding our group to ConnectW has created a major shift in energy for us. We’re attracting a younger demographic of women who are energetic, enthusiastic and looking to shift paradigms in business by honoring themselves and using their intuition.

But wait, you ladies of wisdom! Our knowledge and experience is an invaluable asset that proudly needs to be shared. Together, this is the web of connection we weave. ConnectW has stepped up our game and the buzz about us continues. Benefits to membership have also grown. Through our website, member profiles are available to the world. Don’t have the money to get your own website? You can expand your profile into a “micro” website through ConnectW for a crazy low annual fee.

Our blog and Facebook presence puts us in the interactive stream of social media. We also have a member events calendar where you can post events you’re hosting. Want to be seen as an expert in your field? Write some articles for our newsletter and blog. Share your stories with us. The more you participate, the more you and your business will be seen and the more confident you’ll become.

Additionally, our increased exposure to the community through our annual winter gala, the women’s expo and other events we support link you to a successful organization.

All of this for only $175 in annual dues. There’s not a networking group out there that offers so much opportunity (and fun) for so little. We’ll even break that up into three payments if you need. By providing these ways to build our relationships with each other and our local community, ConnectW is a support system to your professional and personal growth.

However, if you choose to part take in all those fantastic deserts at our dinner meetings, well, you’ll probably see your waistline expand a bit too – so be careful there!