ConnectW Board Agenda
April 11, 2016                      12p-1:30
Waterstone Mortgage 803 SW Industrial Way #201 Bend, OR

I.  Bring Meeting to Order
II.  Approval of March Meeting Minutes (2 min)
III.  Discussion Items (50-80 min)
                Jeanine (2 min) – Treasurer’s Report
Kristie (10-15 min)– Board member update. Vote Susie H in as Biz Promo
Di (20-30 min) – Streamlining BGC AV, signing contract.

IV.  Updates (10 min)
           Chelsea (10 min) – April meeting

V.  In the Works
Program lineup:
April Michelke Alvarado / NP: Grandma’s House
May Barb Seaman / NP: CASA
June Emmy Eisenberg / NP: Bethlehem Inn
July—Connecting to Creativity (Julia Junkin and others) / NP Volunteer Connect
Sept—Connecting with your business Intuition- Kris Prochaska and another / NP: SMART?
October- Connecting with Health-breast cancer awareness month (Survivorship Program)
November –
December- Connecting to Joy!! (party)

DYK Ideas:
Enhanced listing
No web photos cost you biz
CW not Industry exclusive – it’s your go-to

Close meeting

Next Meeting: Mon May 9, 2016