KulpinskiUntying the kinks in our leashes, continuing to let go of the stuff that no longer serves. Whether it’s physical, emotional, worn-out thought patterns or all the above, astrologically speaking, these next few months are a perfect time to review, release and renew. I’m talking about a good, old spring-cleaning of the soul.

What’s holding us back from our full potential? Transforming our leashes to slingshots is the work of the season.  If we use this time to back up and untie those knots, come September we’ll have that much more extra line to project ourselves higher and farther then we are currently able.  Yes, it’s deep, complicated, often messy work and oh so worth it!

I know we’re all feeling this energy and ConnectW is no exception. Many on our board have given four or more years of service, have grown from the experience and are ready to let go. But it’s not easy to construct the new version and we’re still looking to fill some positions for the June election.

We have vacancies in Communications, Marketing, Membership and VP Chairs. We’re tossing around ideas of simplifying. Perhaps we don’t need all these positions? How can we streamline? We’re not sure.

Most critical is VP. To continue to exist as a nonprofit under Oregon law, we must have a President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary. It’s that simple. Forget all the other chairs that REALLY make this group so alive and dynamic. Without a basic foundation, it all falls apart. All we can do is again, throw it out to you and ask you to step up.

If it sounds like I’m begging, perhaps I am.

Believe me, I’ve been there: eager for the next meeting, but not feeling sure how I could make anything better or if there was ANY extra time in my schedule. I was happy to be a member, make some connections and once-a-month, have a nice meal I didn’t have to cook.

It took months of “suggestion” from the board to feel I was ready to say yes. Know what I found? I didn’t have to come up with a new vision or strategy – the founders figured that out 30 years ago! All I had to do was be present and use my talents where needed.

Here’s the thing. We’re not asking you to step into a position that is an extension of your “real” job. We’re looking for women who are willing to stretch their current perceived abilities. Women who are ready to let go of their old perceptions of their limitations and willing to put some effort into their own growth as well as the group’s.

It’s really not that big a deal – unless we don’t have a VP – then there’s no deal at all.