As you have probably heard, the Network of Entrepreneurial Women is being completely re-branded, from its name to its website. Why? Well for starters, the name was no longer correct since less than one third of us are actually entrepreneurs. And too many women aren’t even considering joining–or attending our functions–because they don’t consider themselves entrepreneurs. So we now have an awesome new name and tagline: ConnectW — Creating Community Through Women in Business. Pretty soon we’ll have a new look to go with the new name. And in January, we’ll have a completely new website that we can manage ourselves.

We’re looking to make this website the best in the history of womankind. So please take just a couple of minutes to fill out the survey we’ve emailed you and let us know how you use the website, what you would like and don’t like about our current site and anything else you can think of.

Thanks so much!
Linden Gross, Website Chair, and the whole Web Team