Our LARGE BUSINESS sponsorship package is the next level up!   This is perfect for a business owner that has a few employees, is looking to be an active member in the group, and would love to do a little advertising. This package includes one individual membership, 15 meals for the year (giving you the opportunity to bring an employee/friend/visitor with you to a meeting several times throughout the year), a speaking showcase, five additional table sponsorships (more talk time + an opportunity to give something fun to your table guests), AND public recognition at meetings, online, in all print advertising, on social media as a ConnectW business sponsor!! This package is ONLY $900!!


  • ONE individual membership … and a total of 15 meals (for members and/or visitors)
  • ONE speaking showcase (and table sponsorship at same meeting)
  • FIVE table sponsorships (in addition to the above)
  • Public recognition as a Large Business Sponsor at every meeting, throughout the ConnectW website, in each of the monthly e-newsletters, on social media platforms, and in all print advertising by/for ConnectW
  • Platinum website listing on the ConnectW website for your business
  • Featured article in one of the monthly e-newsletters


Annual LARGE Sponsorship Cost is $900