Our CORPORATE BUSINESS sponsorship package is our biggest package designed for those of you that are looking to do it all and get it all out of ConnectW! If you manage employees and you find yourself looking for ways to advertise and get your name out there in the community, look no further! We’ve got you with this one! The corporate level includes two individual memberships, 20 meals for the year, a speaking showcase, five additional table sponsorships (more talk time + an opportunity to send something home with your table guests), and enhanced public recognition online, at meetings, and in all print advertising! This package is ONLY $1200!!!!


    • TWO individual memberships … and a total of 20 meals (for members and/or visitors)
    • ONE speaking showcase (and table sponsorship at same meeting)
    • FIVE table sponsorships (in addition to the above)
    • Enhanced public recognition as a Corporate Business Sponsor at every meeting, throughout the ConnectW website, in each of the monthly e-newsletters, on social media platforms, and in all print advertising by/for ConnectW
    • Platinum website listing on the ConnectW website for your business
    • Featured article in one of the monthly e-newsletters