Diane Kulpinski

Kris Prochaska, our Programs Chair has got me really intrigued about this month’s meeting. Have you checked the website and seen the promo for October’s program?

I know I’m not the most imaginative person, but how can networking happen without having to say a word? Sure, there’s body language, eye contact, handshakes and hugs, but no talking?! Come on! I’m interested to see what this is all about and I hope you are too.

We’re also supposed to wear comfortable shoes, as we’ll be standing and walking around a bit. I guess debuting my new heels will have to wait another month. (That was a joke. You know I’d probably fall off a heel higher than half-an-inch.)

Something else to be aware of this month – Beula’s Place, our beneficiary for the Gala, is having their annual Rummage Sale the weekend after our general meeting. It’s going to be at Highland Baptist Church in Redmond. Hours are: Fri 10/17, 8a-8p and Sat 10/18, 7a-5p. There will be food, coffee, special activities and door prizes. Contact Andi Buerger if you have anything to donate. Otherwise, show up if you can, it sounds like a lot of fun!

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