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Terry is a professional geologist with nearly three decades of experience in the western US. Her geologic roots include coal mining projects in Wyoming, and precious metals and geothermal exploration work in Nevada. After focusing on family life for a period of time, she morphed into an environmental consultant. Terry has focused on environmental consulting and water rights work since 1998. Her company provides second opinions on existing environmental reports, soil/groundwater sampling, groundwater monitoring, stormwater consulting, site assessment/remediation, underground tank services, water rights consulting, and much more. Sprecher Group is DBE/WBE/ESB certified in Oregon.

Things she loves best about what she does: The mix between field work (that’s right, playing in the mud & dirt & water!) and office work. The unpredictability of her schedule. The ability to help folks solve their environmental problems.

As Sprecher Group’s logo says … soil … water … service!!