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I am a Life Coach, Counselor & Healer. I work with women who are frustrate at creating experiences they don’t want or are in situations that they do not know what to do or which direction to go.  I am particularly adept at helping people with identifying what is really going on under the surface and what the limiting core belief is. I help them change beliefs by moving and releasing the energy that is keeping them stuck.  I understand the ways in which beliefs undermine their best interests at getting results and how important it is to clear them once and for all.


I have a Masters in Counseling, certifications in Life Coaching, Sexual Wellness, & the I Am Discourses. I used a variety of tools and modalities such as intuition, mindfulness, art, astrology, enneagram, shamanic sandtray journeying, sacred mandalas, Sedona Method, emotional freedom technique, past life regressions, soul readings, Gaian tarot, nonviolent communication, and energy work. The energy modalities that I use are Bodytalk, ho’oponopono, Eden Energy Medicine, Kofutu, Reiki, and the Healing Code. Energy work is not just for people as I have animal clients that I perform energy work on.  Every session is different and is tailored to what the client needs as my goal is to empower the client and give them solutions they can use in their daily lives.  I do private sessions, group sessions and offer a variety of classes throughout the year.