DrHartman 20Oct2013Hello!  My name is Dr. Bernadette Hartman.  My passion is serving both animals and people through my Holistic Veterinary work and Animal Intuitive work.  My clinic is Heart to Heart Connections, a place where I connect heart to heart with both you and your animals.

Holistic Veterinary Services and Animal Intuitive Services that I offer include: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Essential Oils, Behavior/Emotional concerns, Animal Communication, Energy Alignment and Intuitive work for both animals and owners, along with transforming and deepening the Animal-Human Connection.

There are many ways to support the healing journey.  I treat each appointment as a new point in time to assess what is needed, best supporting your animal and their connection with you; whether it is acupuncture, chiropractic, essential oils, intuitive work, behavioral focus or Animal-Human Connection sessions.  I have many tools to pick from to support the highest level of healing possible.

The transformation starts when you schedule an appointment for your animal and continues on after your animal’s office visit.  Healing knows no bounds.  The transformation awaits!  I look forward to serving you and your animals!