Corporate HeadshotsWhat a dynamic and changeable autumn we have been having. This time of year has me tidying up loose ends and fluffing my nest in preparation for the darker days. This focus helps me to be more present. Less dreaming about adventures, more attention to practicalities and appreciation of quiet times.

As the season changes and I take stock of my life, I am grateful for all of you. I see ConnectW as a source of light and inspiration. Fun, powerful women who support and encourage each other in a non-competitive way. We share our stories, our challenges and successes, and develop solid business relationships and lasting friendships. How excellent.

Since joining the board, I’ve found that the deeper I dig into our group, the more value I find. The more energy I put in, the more comes back. When I make the time to get together one on one, I am rewarded by greater insight into that woman, and a stronger thread of connection. Such goodness! The more I know you, the more I care about you and the more I want to support you in your life and business. Likewise, the more I open myself, the more I feel supported in my life and business.

My ConnectW experience keeps getting better and better and I hope that’s true for all you.
Please join me on November 16th as Kathy Neal presents “Getting Unstuck: Using Feng Shui to Streamline your Life & Work”.

With love,