ConnectW Board Agenda
October 11, 2016        11-12:30
OnPoint Community Credit Union, 950 NW Bond Street Bend, OR 97703

Bring Meeting to Order
Approval of September Meeting Minutes (2 min)
Discussion Items (50-80 min)

Lisa (5 min) – Treasurer’s Report

Janice     – Fashion Quarterly Ad
– Thriving Women in Business magazine offer
Leslie     – raffle and happy hour

Speaking coaching workshop
BGCC menu options
Board meeting location/time
December Gala
Chelsea – 2017 Programs and Non-Profits

Updates (10 min)
Chelsea (10 min) – October meeting specifics
2 Speaking, 1 non-speaking showcase for October


In the Works
Program lineup:

October Rafting the Rapids of Women’s Health – Dr. Mary Huntsman
NP: St Charles Survivorship Program
November Feng Shui for Better Business Flow – Kathy Neal
December Connecting to Joy!! (party)
January 2017: Christine Perkins

VI.    Close meeting

Next Meeting:  November 8, 2016