Here in changeable Central Oregon, one frosty weekend does not mean puffy coats from here on out, but I Corporate Headshotspersonally felt something besides the weather shift this past week. September brings a new energy. Whether or not you have children of your own, the ‘back to school’ season is here. September signifies focus and productivity and savoring the summer’s harvest. It is time to come in from the sun and get down to business. Wrap up those outstanding projects, make sure your vehicles are in good shape and your warm clothing is handy. I mourn the end of summer and the long, lazy days on the lake and I simultaneously welcome the earlier evenings, the fresh air and the change in colors. I am ready for a new rhythm.

ConnectW is such a source of inspiration and support, professionally and personally. We are so lucky to have each other, a powerful group of women who come together to support and motivate and inspire each other. We always have wonderful speakers at our dinner meetings and this month I am excited to welcome Roz Eaton. She inspired an Olympic athlete and I’m pretty sure she’ll inspire us too. We already have a large number of members and guests planning to be at the meeting and I encourage you all to join us by registering asap.
Looking forward to seeing you soon,