At this time of year, with summer in full swing, there are so many choices: Lake, river, work, family, festivals, bike, run, entertain, relax… whew! Some days fly by, while others seem to last forever. Finding the balance of work and play is important.

Yesterday I took a drive along the McKenzie River with my son. We went to catch the end of blueberry season at a u-pick farm. Wandering through the rows of bushes with my berry-stained boy, filling our buckets and mouths, time seemed to slow. Forgotten was my schedule book and list of to-dos. Though it was all waiting for me when I returned home, our simple day on the farm left me recharged and ready to focus on business with a clearer head.

I hope you are all savoring our sweet summer and finding balance for yourselves. I hope to see you at our August 17th gathering at Crux Fermentation Project. The view of the mountains and your friendly faces sounds like a lovely combination :)

All the best,