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Cell: (907) 351-5397



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Discover Health, LLC
29 NW Greeley Ave
Bend, OR 97703
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With 3 decades of professional nursing experience in a variety of settings, I have seen many health issues become chronic. I knew intuitively that there was so much more that could be done. I started to learn about Integrative Medicine, a cooperative, healing-oriented approach to medicine that takes account of the whole person, including body, mind, spirit and lifestyle, and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.

Through changing the focus of my practice and further formal education through the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at University of Arizona, I found my true passion. It was through the Fellowship I was first introduced to Energy Medicine, a powerful combination of all the skills I have learned in my life.  Using Integrative Medicine and Energy Medicine, I often see transformative changes with employing simple changes and dynamic techniques.

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Our bodies really are mirrors of our thoughts, beliefs and the activities of our lives. They also talk to us all the time.

What has your body been telling you?

Do you have areas in your body that have recurrent or unhealed problems? Have you been to multiple providers yet find your problems continue? Do you have a sense that “something” is just off and you haven’t been able to find the answers?

Our bodies have energetic patterns, which are in constant motion throughout our lives. The body also remembers in the form of cellular memory the events of our lives. Often our problems have a component of or are entirely due to blocked energy. This blocked energy is felt as pain, fatigue, loss of concentration, a sense of being stuck and many other symptoms.  Energy medicine can help with releasing blockages in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. 

A person trained in energy medicine can focus their attention to perceive a person’s energy patterns without needing to be physically present with the client. The practitioner accumulates (I have accumulated) years of training and experience attuning their (my) attention to this energy in order to contribute directly and indirectly to the needed release. This is what I refer to as distance energy medicine. I specifically use the “medicine” as there are cellular changes that occur with my techniques.

I personally have been amazed and overjoyed at the healing and profound changes that occur with energy work. I think you may find it astonishing as well.

Let me help you experience decreased pain, overall relaxation, increased energy and clarity of self that occurs with energy medicine. It truly needs to be experienced to understand what energy medicine can do for you!