Emily Harris-Deutch FNP Profile Image

Emily Harris-Deutch FNPNurse Practitioner

Garnet Wellness

354 NE Greenwood Ave, Ste 211
Bend, OR 97701 | Map

Office: (541) 320-7930

Cell: (541) 510-5945

I specialize in peri/menopause, sexual medicine and sexual counseling. I have a deep desire to help people feel at home in their bodies, navigate difficult hormonal transitions and reclaim their sexuality.
Lee Anne Hellesto Profile Image

Lee Anne HellestoIntegrative Medicine Nurse Practitioner

Member since 2013 10+

Discover Health, LLC

29 NW Greeley Ave
Bend, OR 97703 | Map

Office: (541) 241-6181

Cell: (907) 351-5397

Cell: (907) 351-5397

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As an Integrative Medicine Nurse Practitioner, I couple my 25 years of experience as a board-certified family nurse practitioner with healing modalities from around the world. Using a common sense, organic approach to medical concerns is tremendously powerful and often times, simple.
Dr. Amanda Westfall Profile Image

Dr. Amanda WestfallDoctor of Podiatric Medicaine

Northwest Foot Care

Bend Office
1693 SW Chandler Ave
Suite 280
Bend, OR 97702 | Map

Office: (541) 385-7129

Office: (541) 385-7129

Our clinic provides foot and ankle care for kids and adults. We treat plantar fascitiis, ingrown toenails, warts, neuromas, hammer toes, bunions, arthritis, and diabetic feet. We provide non-surgical and surgical options to get you out of pain.
Mindy Breit Profile Image

Mindy BreitHealth Coach

Mindy Breit Inc.

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Have you been struggling with your weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low energy? Are you simply wanting to be healthier? I support clients through nutrition and meal planning to achieve weight-loss goals and lifestyle changes.
Michele Freeman LPC NCC CIMHP Profile Image

Michele Freeman LPC NCC CIMHPLicensed Professional Counselor

Member since 2014 10+

Michele Freeman Counseling

354 NE Greenwood #207
Bend, OR 97701 | Map

Office: (541) 408-4943

Cell: 541-408-4943

Cell: 541-408-4943

I specialize in Chronic Pain and Chronic Degenerative Illness. I am a Board Certified National Certified Counselor, Certified Integrative Mental Health Practitioner, and have a Certificate of Addiction Medicine from OHSU.
Sarah Guenzburger Profile Image

Sarah GuenzburgerDoctor of Physical Therapy


Bend, Redmond, mobile throughout all of Central Oregon
Fortitude Fitness Training (North Bend Partnership Location)
Love Bird Yoga (Redmond Partnership Location)

Cell: 541-241-6106

Cell: 541-241-6106

FREE 15 Minute Virtual Consultations - schedule yours here:
Hi! I am a Mobile Physical Therapist, and I love helping people move their best so they can do the things they love. See my bio for a list of diagnoses I treat:
Dr. Carol Petherbridge N.D. Profile Image

Dr. Carol Petherbridge N.D.Physician

Freedom Regenerative Medicine

New location:
198 SE 3rd Street
Bend, OR 97702 | Map

Office: 541-241-2763

Cell: 541-331-3678

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Dr. Carol's passion for the emerging field of Advanced Wellness and Regenerative Medicine led her to expand patient access to innovative, leading-edge healthcare.