Diane Kulpinski

I must apologize for my comment at last month’s meeting about elections. I inferred that they were kind of a farce and you really didn’t have a choice in who would be on the board.

While it is true that we don’t have a “democratic” election system, the board works carefully to not only find the best match for each chair, but to have diverse voices that are able to work together for the good of the organization.

We do this in three ways. First: we’re ALWAYS looking for volunteers as chair team members. This helps you get a glimpse of the work that goes into the positions. Second: We ask each chair to find and recruit their successor. Thirdly: We ask you to step up if you’re interested in serving and growing your leadership skills. Now is the time to do so.

Elections will be at the June meeting and we’re working on the board puzzle right now. If you are interested in volunteering, can commit to 10-15 hours/month and you want to have direct impact on where we go as a group, please talk to Kristie Lemon either by phone 541-317-0741 or email boarddevelopment@connectw.org.

So again, I apologize for making it sound like we’re running the show like a Russian Mafia. We need your input, advice and time. Please don’t be shy.

And now for something completely different!…

A little Jeopardy type quiz for you (please answer in the form of a question.)

Category: Business.

Answer: A mark indicating type, grade, make, ownership, etc.

Some clues:

  1. Dictionary.com has seven definitions listed under noun and another five under verb.
  2. We all know what it is when we see or experience it.
  3. Every business needs it.
  4. It can feel cost prohibitive.
  5. No, it’s not a logo.

To understand how deep and important the answer really is, join us for our next meeting featuring Elicia Putnam. Sorry, I can’t give any more info without giving away the answer of the quiz.

We look forward to networking with you!


Diane Kulpinski