Kulpinski 8021

It sounds like January has been a tough one for a lot of us. Time seems to be speeding up – again! Plans are continuously reshaping. The merry-go-round is spinning at a dizzying pace. Anyone remember those old Calgon commercials? “Calgon take me away!” Hit this link for a 15 second reminder!

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, we’ve got our own bit of Calgon coming for our meeting this month. Krayna Castelbaum, MHS, CP will help us remember the gift of our own selves. We’ll do some playful work with poetry to re-connect with our inherent worth, beauty and goodness.

Our non-profit showcase will be Quota International. Please do a little de-cluttering of your bathroom closet and bring those old travel size soaps, shampoos and maybe even some socks. Quota will be handing them out to the homeless.

Can’t wait to see you!