Monthly Meeting: Starting and Scaling Your Business with Vision and Leadership

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Starting and Scaling Your Business with Vision and Leadership

Join us for an enlightening program where seasoned change leadership expert Shannon reveals the transformative power of visionary leadership. This session is designed for business leaders and entrepreneurs keen on harnessing a clear and compelling vision to build and grow their enterprises. 

Discover the essence of visionary leadership as the bedrock of organizational success, learn how strategic development can serve as a catalyst for growth, and explore the intricacies of scaling your business without compromising your core vision. 

With actionable insights, Shannon will guide you in creating a harmonious environment where your business objectives align with personal values, leading to sustainable success. 

This session promises to equip you with the tools to keep your vision intact while scaling, ensuring you and your team can flourish together. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your leadership and business strategy.

About Our Speaker

Shannon Lea Reynolds is your guide on the transformative journey of professional and personal growth. With a heart for empowering change and a background rich in accounting, finance, insurance, and management consulting, 

Shannon dedicated her career to mastering the art of change leadership. She hold a Masters in Organizational Change Leadership and is a certified CCMP professional, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

As a change leadership and management consultant, Shannon specializes in guiding professionals and teams through transformative changes, ensuring they emerge stronger and more resilient. Her approach is rooted in understanding and leveraging individual strengths, and this is where her unique Pivot Profile Framework comes into play. This innovative system categorizes individuals into five core profiles –offering tailored insights and strategies for navigating life’s transitions with grace and confidence.

We love to meet new businesses and new business owners. Please register and join us for the evening.

ConnectW is a women’s networking group that welcomes women in all fields and endeavors—from entrepreneurs and professionals to women simply wishing to explore, expand and enhance their lives and environments.

Join us for networking, socializing, and a light dinner.

NOTE: The cutoff for registration without a late fee is end of day May 11, 2024.  If tickets are “out of stock”, please email to be put on a wait list.

No refunds offered after May 11, 2024.

Please contact for further assistance.

A special ‘Thank You” to our ConnectW Corporate Sponsors:

…and to our ConnectW Large Business Sponsor: Terry Sprecher with Sprecher Group.

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