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Grace ParksWell Being Health Coach

Optavia Health Coach

Office: (503) 474-8804

Cell: (503) 474-8804

[email protected]

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We all have barriers in our lives that keep us from living life to the fullest. Physical, emotional, financial and spiritual barriers can be obstacles to freedom. I get the honor of helping my clients breakthru those obstacles and use them as a gateway to creating a life of well being!
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Bonnie WalkerCertified Iyengar Yoga Instructor (CIYT), Full Stack WordPress Developer

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Kate BavusoNutritional Therapy Practitioner, AIP Certified Coach

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At Juniper Nutritional Therapy, we help clients reach their health goals through personalized nutritional and dietary changes.

Schedule a time to meet to discuss your nutritional goals, and how we might work together to see them come to light.
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Robbie Bianchi-Pray, LMT, NTP, CGP

Member since 2019

Helping people reclaim their health by reducing chronic pain & dysfunction using Myofascial Release, structural bodywork, nutrition, & yoga therapies.
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Deanna DeWittNutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Beautycounter Consultant

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Elevated Wellness and Yoga LLC.

[email protected]

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Dianne PorterIntegrative Nutritionist

What can nutrition counseling do for you?
Help identify patterns that are undermining your goals.
Develop an eating plan that addresses your specific health concerns.
Help rebalance hormones.
Develop a plan for aging healthfully.
Rates: Intake ($95)
Followup ($80/hour or $40/30 minutes)