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Ginger WeedenCEO

ConnectW Board Member: President
Set In Motion Marketing & Media

Office: (720) 480-5326

Cell: (720) 480-5326

Communicating the "Why" of your business is vital to your business. Making sure that message comes through to your customer via all of your channels (sales brochures, website copy, elevator pitch to a customer, etc) is even more important.

Let's drive your message and Set your Business in Motion.
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Lacie LinekDigital Marketing Consultant

10% off onboarding fees.
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Marika LuneauFounder & CEO

Design Bend

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Please email me if you're interested in social media services for your business!
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Stephanie ShaverOwner

Project 4

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End-to-End Full Service Marketing Agency. Digital Advertising, SEO, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Display and PMAX Campaigns, Brand Consulting, Logo & Brand Development, Marketing Strategies, Website Design, Graphic Design, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, PR + more
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Tia WeinsteinDigital Media Strategist

Univox Media LLC

Office: (503) 572-1461

Cell: 503-572-1461

We specialize in buying programmatic streaming video, audio, and display ads for businesses, organizations, and marketing firms, allowing you to reach your exact target audience (demo, interests, behaviors) in a specific geographic area (state, DMA, city or zip codes) with measurable results.