ConnectW logo RGBThe Network of Entrepreneurial Women officially has a new name—ConnectW— and a new taglineCreating Community through Women in Business. Both represent our organization in a way that much more accurately depicts who we are. Not only do we network among ourselves, our membership of 100 women reaches into the community as well.

Of course, a new look had to be created to go with ConnectW’s new identity—one that would portray the vibrant spirit of our non-profit organization. Web designer and member Elise Jones of West Hills Design was tapped to create the new logo and website. Both reflect the organization’s renewed sense of energy and purpose.

We will officially launch our new brand and website at our January 15th meeting. That evening the Website Team will lead a hands-on, interactive meeting designed to make sure that every member has the tools she needs to create a splash on the new site. Photographers will be set up to take new head shots. Writers will be present to help craft elevator speeches. And tech-savvy members will be available to help with uploading. So make sure you register for the meeting so we can get you up to speed and your business represented on our gorgeous new website.