Incredibly, another year has slipped its way into history. With the holiday warmth still lingering, I hope you take some time to reflect upon the past year and those who played some part in it. Easy or difficult as relationships can be, it’s important to remember that all of our interactions are gifts.

Personally, I had an opportunity to engage with one of my old high school friends from Philly who came out to Oregon for a visit. Our time together help each of us realize how much we’ve grown yet still hold some common threads that are worth keeping.

This is the perfect time of year to look back, evaluate and plan our next steps. In that spirit, Jewels Muller, a former member of our group now living in Portland, will speak to us about connecting with our vision and building momentum towards our goals.

Recognizing that life brings us many twists as we strive forward, I need to remind you of our new meeting place!

Beginning January 20, our dinner meetings will be at the new Hampton Inn in the Old Mill. It’s on the west side of the river, across from the dog park. Same time – 5p-8p, same day – third Wednesday of the month, new location.

This change comes from changes at St. Charles and room availability. While we’ll miss the gang at SCMC, we’re very excited to work with the folks at the Hampton.

Please join us, so that we can collectively assess our new venue to make it work for all of us.