Diane Kulpinski

Things are changing – for everyone on the planet. Take a look at this winter. There’s still plenty of it left and we’ll probably get some great snow these next couple of months – good for skiing and our water table. However, as the planet keeps warming our snowpack is going to get thinner. Less snow means less water. That in turn affects what we can grow and eat, which will affect food prices, not to mention utility rates.

My point is that we can’t continue doing business or conducting our lives as we have in the past. We are being forced to reinvent our selves and our communities because our planet is starting to demand it.

Basically, we need a complete makeover in how we “do” life. That’s going to take some time and we need to speedy-up the process in my point of view.

Our meeting this month is going to tackle this makeover concept on a more personal level. Four of our members are currently going through some amazing changes – hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories. I can’t wait to see who they are! In addition, Vicki Hunter is going to share her tips on making a great first impression.

If you want to see what they did to me a couple of years ago, check out the monthly meeting page on the website. Meanwhile, I think I’m due for a haircut.


Diane Kulpinski