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About Brandie Foster

Brandie has been living and working in Central Oregon since 2002. After 20 years of nursing experience, Brandie joined the real estate world. Quickly becoming a top producer, teaching sessions, and achieving multiple certifications, she demonstrates her dedication to her profession and clients! She enjoys helping people buy and sell homes all over Central Oregon and the Central Coast of Oregon! Brandie specializes in helping Seniors. This abundant generation has their own special needs associated with a lifetime of treasure accumulation, a desire to hang onto the real property asset "for the kids," an abundant amount of wealth tied up in the real property asset, and often support that is far, far away. If you or someone you know needs real hands on help with the huge burden of downsizing (where to start), help connecting with amazing Estate Attorneys, understanding the taxes associated with a sale of real property, connecting to medical professionals that can help sort out "what is next for me, and how do I plan ahead?" then please call today and we will schedule a meeting. Brandie will take the time to listen, guide, share valuable information and experts to help you do what is next for you at the pace you feel comfortable!