ConnectW Board Agenda
Aug 11, 2015                        11-1:30p
EAST BEND LIBRARY – 62080 Dean Swift Rd.   Bend, OR 97701

I. Bring Meeting to Order

II. Approval of July Meeting Minutes (2 min)

III. Discussion Items (50-80 min)
                        Di (5 min) – Board meet time review. Method of communication. Team/assistant.
Wendy (10 min) – Marketing ideas.
Jeanine / All – Budget review and approval

IV. Updates (10 min)
                       Kris P (5 min) Programs update (will not be able to attend)

V. In the Works

  • Program lineup:
    • SEPT – Networking w/ Jello from Campfire again?
    • OCT – Tower Theater w/big name – Shark Tank?
    • Kris needs emails and contacts. Reminder that we do not have access to
    • Charles for Oct. meeting.
    • NOV – TBD – Marketplace if a hit this year? Suggestion to ask about this
    • in the survey. Table sponsors will get a booth at the Marketplace.
    • DEC – Gala
    • JAN – Non-Profit (suggestion to break up the n/p presentations. Too much to have them consecutively.
  • DYK Ideas:
  • Enhanced listing
  • No web photos cost you biz
    CW not Industry exclusive – it’s your go-to

VI. Close meeting

Next Meeting: Tue. Sept 8, 2015