Enhance Your Personal & Business Health with NEW

Bend, OR – October 6, 2011 – Ask any Bend local and you’ll quickly find out that Bend is a people town both on the personal and professional level. That’s why the Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NEW) emphasizes networking. Each monthly meeting provides plenty of time to meet new people and interact with established contacts. In addition, programs provide attendees with tools to perfect how they present themselves so they can excel in business. In addition, speakers regularly address nuts and bolts issues that affect everything from how business is run to the bottom line.
NEW also offers programs directed at improving women’s welfare on the personal front. This month at the October 19th meeting, a panel of three healthcare professionals will share tips on how women can maintain—and improve—their physical health:

  • Fitness trainer, veteran swim instructor and former body builder Kristie Lemon—who owns and operates High Desert Oasis—will discuss how weight bearing exercise, stretching, balance and how moving can improve quality of life. “I have a prediction: In the next five years, every doctor is going to prescribe a minimum of one weight lifting workout per week,” says Lemon. “The amazing thing is how easy it is to take charge of our fitness. It may not seem like it is, but when given the correct motivators and enough information, everyone can trend in the right direction.”
  • Bari Liebowitz, DC, CCSP—a sports chiropractor with a Master’s degree in nutrition and many years of experience in functional medicine—will explore the roles that fats play in our diets and how to make healthy food choices, including finding organic foods and hormone-free, naturally raised meats. “Many people, whether athletes looking to enhance performance or people looking to eliminate acute or chronic pain, often don’t even realize that they have a lot of inflammation in their body,” says Liebowitz. “It turns out that many foods cause inflammation, while other foods prevent inflammation.”
  • Patricia Grady, LMT, CNT—executive director of AgeWiseMD, which helps people take charge of their health, their vitality and their longevity—will share small ways to make big changes over time that will allow for a more enjoyable, fuller and healthier life. “Health is about can. What you can’t do doesn’t matter,” says the certified nutritional therapist, lifestyle coach and weight loss counselor. “When it comes to health, fitness and living a balanced life, I am a firm believer in slow and steady wins the race.”

NEW reflects that same sense of healthy balance. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting and empowering women, NEW addresses the whole person. “Our programs are designed to offer growth opportunities to women in all facets of their lives,” says NEW president Lisa Sloan. “We encourage excellence and well-being in life as well as business.”

NEW meets every third Wednesday of the month with the exception of December and August. You can attend up to two meetings without being a member. Networking starts at 5 p.m., dinner and the program go from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please make your dinner reservation no later than Thursday October 13th, online at www.networkwomen.org. For more information, contact Anita Bardizian at (541) 508-6442; abardizian@complementshome.com.