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UPDATE: We are holding this meeting online, due to current restrictions on safely gathering. REGISTER to join us on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwpd-6vpzIvG9L7yKRJSJmehBsPLeNH1PmR


ConnectW is a women’s networking group that welcomes women in all fields and endeavors—from entrepreneurs and professionals to women simply wishing to explore, expand and enhance their lives and environments.

Strategies for Developing and Nurturing your Personal Network


As the Vice President of Leadership Development, Talena’s work at the Chamber focuses on strengthening the entire continuum of workforce, community leadership and talent development. This work happens through increasing youth participation in meaningful work experiences, building mutually beneficial relationships with business partners, growing a strong young professional development network, and nurturing community succession planning through education and connections.

With a background in non-profit development, communications, entrepreneurship and lobbying, Talena’s passion lies in finding creative pathways to break down barriers, and building opportunities for collaboration between diverse stakeholders. She is also an experienced speaker and educator, and co-founded the BendX Women’s Entrepreneurial Bootcamp.

Talena is a born Oregonian, as is her husband Kurt, her two sons Nick and Ethan, and her granddaughters Lyla and Kallie
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/talena-barker-31a2334/